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Hydraulic Cylinders: our products

We have been dealing with hydraulic cylinders for fifty years, supervising assembly and testing of the products.

Iotti Hydraulic Cylinders produces technologically advanced hydraulic cylinders thanks to cutting-edge producing machines. The great flexibility of the company, together with over 50 years of experience in different usage branches, complete the profile of a company which has a leading role in the hydraulic cylinders market.

The company’s objective is that of suggesting and carrying out solutions of hydraulic cylinders which can comply with the specific customer’s requests, such as products certified by the most important certification bodies ( DNV, LR, BV).

The Staff and the applied machineries in the different phases of assembly and testing have a fundamental importance to guarantee the reliability of the finished products: we have two testing benches which are always working to ensure a top precise test getting to a pressure of 700bar.


Hydraulic cylinders: finishing and surface coatings

According to specific needs regarding the complete finishing of the hydraulic cylinder, we can deal with ad hoc solutions ranging between primer and/or galvanization of the hydraulic cylinders, for particularly highly corrosive environments as the marine ones: double crossed chrome plating, inox, ceramic coating, tungsten carbide, chrome carbide and other anti-corrosion processing and coatings.