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Hydraulic Cylinders For Naval Sector

Hydraulic Cylinders for naval sector: Our hydraulic cylinders for offshore naval sector feature high quality and integrity. These cylinders can operate in nasty weather conditions and environments, they can support heavy pressure power and they are designed to avoid material corrosion. They are carefully planned and designed to be used on oil platforms, in lifeboat systems, dams and sluice gates. Hydraulic cylinders for the maritime sector are available with a surface processing which is aimed at keeping their quality and integrity even in extreme conditions. They are produced with a chrome-plated finish such as: Double marine chroming Cross chroming Nickel coating HVOF tungsten carbide and ceramic coating Furthermore, they can be produced with INOX details, nickel chrome rods and other coatings. Each hydraulic cylinder is planned and studied in cooperation with the customer to satisfy his or her needs in order to comply with every working situation.