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Quality: our strong point

One of the strong points of the IOTTI Hydraulic Cylinder is the quality. Already since 1997 it obtained the certification ISO9001 adapted to ISO 9001:2000, and in 2009 to ISO 9001:2008

To complete the certification of the company quality system our society has the certificate of the procedure of welding, welding licences of our operators and of the certification of the product. In particular the process of the welding, to satisfy the needs of our clients not only is certified with the institution “Certificazione Bureau Veritas” but also with specific controls like ultrasounds, magnetic crack detector tests and radiographies done in collaboration with external laboratories that certify their validity.

The controls in the entire production procedure and the final trial tests on the assembled product are registered according to the internal procedures of our quality system in specific databases, that permit the traceability of every control done.

Our quality company system